Dear members,
I would like to introduce myself to you. I am 65 years young, a female. I have Sjogren's, arthritis, COPD, Diabetes,Asmatic, and I am on Oxygen 24/7. I These last couple of years have been hard on my body but especially in the fall and the winter months. I currently have been having a bout with Sjogren's and Arthritis, and my Rumey has suggested that I start taking Methotrexate. After reading the literature I can see where others have gotten better after using it, and yet, there seems to be a lot of fear about starting the drug. I was fine with it until I aw the many cons involved. such as developing coronary problems, liver damage, changes in bone marrow, pre-kidney disease, and blood cell changes and a decrease in white cells which in turn gives you a minus in fighting infection.
Thank you for being so candid in your symptoms and for sharing concerns and what is happening to those who have chosen to take the meds.
Your comments have helped me make a decision for myself, and I will be rejecting this drug . There is just way too much to take the risk.
I will be reading new comments and reviewing more old ones. I would love to keep involved with those of you that are willing to share. It never hurts to help each other threw these phases of our lives.
Tauna, Idaho