Looking forward to learning alot and making some friends that understand what this is all about.

I have been feeling unwell since June 2012 and have had fibromyalgia since 2002. Knew this was something else but had a very hard time getting any doctors to help. Positive ANA in Dec 2012 but was told it was not Lupus but UCTD and would need to "cook" for a few more years until other real symptoms developed..."everyone is extremely tired and pain is from fibro and feeling of shortness of air is anxiety". Very crazy time but have been sent to pysch, neuro, neurophych, ENT, Ear specialist and back to rheum on Thursday who said she now believes it is Lupus, here's a medrol pack and if it helps it is most likely Lupus and we'll move to Plaquenil. Really I'm dumfounded. Medrol really seems to be helping but I'm very confused.

Thanks for having me