this seems like a really helpful forum, been reading some of the older posts....

some questions,
how does plaquenil work? the nitty gritty of it,.

lupus connection to:

what supplements are people taking?

i have terrible fatigue issues, weight/muscle loss, and hair loss

i take 200mg once a day, i started on 200mg/2x/day, but it gave me side effects so i lowered it to one a day, been on it since 2011, so starting my third year, my doctors never told me to get an eye exam, i read about it and requested referral, long story short, still no eye exam, i had one but they did the wrong one,...
is that bad? what would i notice as far as eye changes?

i take vit d3 ~8000iu/day, magnesium, vit k2, chlorella recently, alpha lipoic acid also recently, i try to eat no sugar, execept for some bread, crackers, the occasional pasta, everyday i drink my veggys in a green shake, eat minimal fruit, im off grains almost completely, lots of eggs, butter, red meat, coconut oil

and despite all that ive gone diabetic, im a skinny diabetic, so its not a matter of food and loosing weight,

drs doing no bloodwork, just, "you have diabetes, heres a prescription"

so, being that i have sle, (not discoid) dont you think they should be checking my immune assays for thyroid, kidney function, insulin, etc....inflammation markers

any recommendations for labs i should push for,

thyroiditis for the past year, thats when my sugar shot up, for some reason the endos and primaries dont see a correlation,...idiots

any help would be greatly appreciated...