Hi All,

I'm new. Last summer I had a slightly positive ANA, but with tons of Lupus symptoms. I will get these symptoms in waves, or flare ups. They are extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, hair loss, eye sensitivity to sunlight, white fingers when cold, red rash on my scalp, pain in the lungs when breathing in, random sores on the corners of my mouth, headaches, joint pain, cognitive issues and depression and weight fluctuations. The rheumetologist last summer did a bunch of blood work and it all looked normal, except for protein in my urine. He didn't really say that I had lupus, but I feel like I have at least a mild case of it. I have been looking online and have found that there might be such a thing as borderline lupus. I just went back and had more blood work done. This time it was all good except for elevated chloride in my blood. The doctor did not order a new ANA test and he didn't run the regular lupus blood tests. Why didn't he? I feel like he doesn't feel that he needs to worry about me, or something. I feel like I have typical flare ups. They are manageable, but they ARE affecting my daily life.

So my question is: is there such a thing as borderline lupus, or mild lupus? Is my doctor a lazy bum? I just called the nephrologist about the protein and chloride elevation levels. I'm waiting to hear back from them. This is so annoying. I KNOW something is going on with my body, and I would be just fine with a "borderline" or "mild" diagnosis.