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    Default Wrist and hand pain..

    Hi, here to ask a question. So overall I feel like my lupus has been getting under control. The only thing I can't seem to shake is pain in my hands. It is seriously driving me over the edge. Simple daily tasks seem so difficult to perform. I feel like I'm losing my ability to do anything extra with my hands. Saturday did some yard work that afternoon I could hardly move my hands. Between my thumb and index finger on my right hand was bruised I didn't whack it on anything bruised and hard as rock. The muscle was completely hard. My knuckles swell, forget about lifting anything heavy. I also seem to be feeling what I think is bone pain in my wrists. That bone that sticks out on your wrist carrying a bag of money at work feels like my bones are gonna break. While my knuckles are not swollen a 100% of the time they still hurt 100% of the time. Every visit with my rheumy whom I do like she checks for swollen knuckles if they are not swollen she dismisses it. Every visit I tell her nothing has changed as far as my hands go. At this point I feel like they are getting worse. How do I make her understand this. Just driving my car turning the steering wheel is hurting my bones. How do you all handle this? I love to decorate cakes and I'm really good at it but at this point seems as though I won't be doing it much. If I push I pay you all know the story. What do I ask her for she has never offered any sort of pain meds I've never asked. Saturday I took my husbands pain pills he had from a toe surgery a while back. I've never had scans done on my hands other various body parts. Is it common for lupus patience to get scans on ones hands. I do have carpel tunnel in both hands but I really don't think the things I'm experiencing have to do with carpel tunnel. What do you all think of this? Thanks for reading.

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