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Thread: Is this a flare?

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    Default Is this a flare?

    I have been lucky that for a long time my symptoms have been mild but sometimes I wonder what is considered a "flare" I had Rheumatoid arthritis for many years when I was younger so I am used to joint pain and have never really had what I am experiencing now. For the last week or two I have had more joint pain, off and on headaches, fatigue and general don't feel well. From what I have read it sounds like this could be a flare. I don't have any joint swelling but just generally feel icky. Thoughts? Also I have noticed memory changes in the past 6 months. I am on cholesterol med and know they can play a part but I understand Lupus does too. Has anyone ever had this? I know a lot of people have much worse problems than I do but I am trying to be more aware of what may going on with me and if its related to Lupus


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    That's great that your being aware. Lupus is different for everyone, sometimes the strangest symptoms are signs of bigger problems. Don't stress yourself out over them but be sure to talk about them with your Dr. Anytime you are experiencing things that are not normal for you tell the doctor. Having said that, you can see why it's very very important to have an experienced doctor who has treated plenty of Lupus patients.

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