Hi everyone,

I'm a 22 year old male and I began feeling ill in October with malaise and overwhelming anxiety and depression, this progressed to awful joint and muscle pains, fatigue and the butterfly rash on my face. I have seen several doctors who've ran tests ANA, ENA, FBC, CK, etc etc and the only abnormalities that have returned is a borderline low C4 and a low lymphocyte count 1.3 (I'm aware these fit with the alternate criteria) I've started experiencing a lot of strange symptoms with stinging pains, tingling, cold pains (feels like a drop of waters fallen on me) and it seems to be peripheral neuropathy, couple this with my anxiety and depression which came from nowhere and I'm pretty convinced I have CNS involvement or NPSLE. I have had a skin biopsy done of the facial rash and I'm awaiting the results on Thursday. At the moment I'm bedbound feeling so weak and nauseous 24:7. I'm aware that bloods can take a while to change and this is so frustrating for me id rather just know either way although it seems fairly obvious lupus is my ailment. I'm struggling to come to grips with this and going from an active, happy, cheerful young guy to this in a few months is making me so depressed. Reading about how serious this is and knowing that I'm likely to suffer more serious complications makes me feel like I can't carry on