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Thread: Low body temp 96.5, chills, sweats and chest pains also.

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    Default Low body temp 96.5, chills, sweats and chest pains also.

    HI everyone, I have a question. Does anyone run a tempeture this low, of 96.5? Ii've been feeling sick the past few days, also have chills and sweats, I go from being hot to being cold. I'm also feeling fatigued, I had to go home and crash yesterday. Today I barely have any energy. On top of that im getting on and off sharp chest pains, nothing like the perdicardial effusions ive had in the past though.

    Does this sound like a flare comming on?

    I'm confused to whether or not call a Dr. and if so which one? I've been under an extreme amount of stress lately : (
    Diagnosed in 2010 with SLE, recurring pericarditis, pericardial and pleural effusions. Fibromyalgia, Avascular Necrosis on both knees, IBS, Gastroparesis, migraines, DVT's, Pulmoray Emboli. Arthritis, pinched nerves and bulging disk all on the neck. Hyperthyroid issues. Neuropthy, anemia and insomnia "taking it one day at a time, what more can I do"

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    Get yourself to the doctor girl! Or at least call, lupus throws our internal thermostat out of whack; hot to cold and back with fatigue sounds like your body telling you something is wrong. Listen to it and call.

    Please keep us updated

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