Hi, I'm sewldy1 (sew lady)
I'm from Indiana, I just found out about a month ago I have lupus, I think it's just starting out
For years I was labeled as having a central nervous system dysfunction, then mom MOM told
Everybody I was a slow learner, the when I got older, I started having crying spells, I went to one dr
For 14 years, told me I was depressed, kept on giving me antidepressants, (which didn't work)
I had to go to a clinic so I can afford a doctor, and they said I was depressed, and took more
Antidepressants, one nurse practitioners told me she wouldn't help me unless I got a job
So I waited, this past October I signed up Medicaid, (after getting turned down 4 times before)
And got it a month ago, I went to new Dr, she did an Ana test. That came up positive, then to
Confirm it she had me do a ds dna which confirmed it, it's called arthraglia ,had hard time
Finding rheumatologist, but found one...so now I'm looking for new friends to hopefully give me some