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    Default Stage 4 Kidney Nephritis...

    Here's what I have been going through.
    I went to my local hospital after having pain in my chest and hard trouble breathing. They said I had fluid around the heart (pericardial effusion). Was gonna have it drained but Dr said no safe access to it, so we continue with steroids and discharged me after 3 days. At home and felt like I was gettin worse, My bf and I made the decision the take me to the hospital in the city(about a 2 hour drive).
    What a difference....seen by all those great specialists. Turns out I had pneumonia,still had fluid around d heart,lungs. The worst is stage 4 kidney nephritis.I was in that place ten days getting stable enough to be at home and get Cytoxan treatments set up where I live. So that's where I'm at now...hoping the Cytoxan starts helping soon because I feel like I'm just hanging on....very high BP...of course I'm on lots of steroids until after the treatments.
    My point to bring all this up is that......have good doctors... switch if need be..... take new symptoms seriouly ...this disease can be very aggressive at times ! Get things checked out.

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