Although I'm doing really well for only being 1.5 weeks post op from my spinal surgery (degenerative disc disease) I'm finding the severe limitations in place are...well frustrating. It's not unfamiliar territory-similar to those times when flares knock you square on your bottom & steal away all those minute traces of energy you've been so reluctant to let go.

It's probably the biggest theft (mentally/spiritually/sociably) I've found that's comes with lupus. That irritating vivacious cycle of unproductiveness & the inevitably temporary negativity that likes to keep its company.

I think we all have our "happy fallbacks" whether it be a song, a hobby, a book, or just some cherished memory in our minds-special things that we lock away until we need it for shelter on those rainy days.

So since I've run out of things to not only busy myself with, but also because my tanks running a little low on positivity--what are some things you do/use to uplift your spirits when you're in a funk?