Hello all I'm just wondering if anyone has had stomach issues. I have lupus and many other things that go along with it. But over the years I have had many stomach issues. About 2 years ago I spent 4 months unable to eat anything with out throwing up. I have countless test and dropped 50 pounds. I am on the heavier side so too doctor it wasnt that big of a deal. Well after an upper GI they said my stomach was inflamed. But every doctor I saw said something different about it some said it was lupus related one said it wasnt so I had no clue. They pretty much told me to just take antacids. Those didnt work. I was able to create a diet of bland foods that I was able to eat without being sick. They throwing up stopped but the constant nausea never really did.

Fast forward to now and I am able to eat normally. But I had my sister take me to the er the other day because the lower right side of my stomach was killing me. They ran a bunch of test and found nothing. So they sent me home to follow up with my doctor. I have been miserable for the last 5 days. Im in almost constant pain and I cant walk for more then 10 minutes without being in agony. I see my doctor tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone else has stomach issues.

My symptoms now are pain in my lower right side. I have been a little nauseous but not to bad. And I cant walk for long because the pain gets really bad. I have pretty much been in bed for 5 days. I have missed 3 days of work and im on the verge of a mental breakdown. Im tired of doctors and test. Im only 26.

Any advice or information would be great.