I'm not so great at expressing how i'm affected by this disease, but i am in need of support and thought this might be a good way to find some. I'm 30yrs old and have spent my entire life watching my mother battle Lupus. She was diagnosed at 17 (seizures, lung trouble, heart, the works). She went into a 5 year remission when she had me and it was a bit more mild when it returned. My mom is seronegative. Even her compliment levels and kidney functions are always normal. I have never been the picture of health but over the past ten years have been battling strange symptoms that no one could quite put there finger on but nothing that took me out of commission. Now, for the past 7 months things have been raging out of control. I have been suffering hair loss, severe gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, pain, irregular bowls, severe reflux), headaches, aching knees, fatigue, fevers, petechiae, numbness in the face left arm and leg, difficulty breathing/swallowing and chest pain. Every test has come back completely normal. The rheumy is sure that this is autoimmune. My mom, who has been living with this all her life, thinks this is autoimmune, but i'm having a really hard time accepting that without any kind of solid evidence. I'm currently on plaquenil, have been for the past 2 months. Many of my symptoms have resolved; however, the most severe symptoms are sticking around and it's really affecting my quality of life. I'm starting to become fearful that this is the new normal for me. Any advice or insight would most appreciated! I'm just not sure where to go from here.

Thanks in advance!