Hi everyone!
For anyone like me in the Southern California area, more specifically San Diego, there is a Lupus Foundation of America Walk to end Lupus. It will help raise money for research and education into our oh so fun and mysterious disease.
The link is http://www.lupus.org/california/even...-now-san-diego
I am hoping for myself anyways, that becoming involved in research and education with this will help me not only better understand what is happening to me, but also help me accept it. I have recently been diagnosed after years of pain and seems to be progressing rapidly since, and for me anyways, getting involved will help distract my pity party and give me a sense of purpose and hope. I know I cant be the only one on this board who feels that way, so I hope this may help some of you as well.
Have a beautiful day, and if you live where I do, I know you will!
Blessed Be!