I am desperately looking for a resource of real cases where a woman was taking Cell Cept and became pregnant. My Daughter is 25 and has Lupus. She has been on 500mg of Cell Cept for 3 years. I have attended every doctors appointment with her to her Rheumatologist and have never been told that she should be using two forms of birth control. Consequently, she has become pregnant and has been on Cell Cept until the day she showed positive on two pregnancy tests. She is approximately 6 weeks. She has seen a doctor to confirm the pregnancy. She has an appointment set up with a high risk OBGYN and called her Rheum doctor the day she found out and was told to stop the Cell Cept. Her health is very good and she has been in remission for 3 years.

I have read, researched and spent hours on the internet looking for anything besides a statistic from 2009 regarding birth defects while the mother is taking Cell Cept. I do know that she has a strong likelihood of miscarriage and if that happens it is natures way of ending a bad pregnancy. Has anyone or does anyone know of anyone who has been on Cell Cept before realizing they were pregnant and went on to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby? All I can find on the internet is drug warnings. I am scared Grandma to be.