Hello All,

For those of you with a Lupus and Hashimoto's diagnosis, would you mind sharing your experience with the diagnosis of both illnesses. I am currently being treated for my hypothyroid but I am still suspecting Lupus involvement. The symptoms are so similar between the two it can be very tricky. Back in October by platelets dropped down to 110, I had an Anti DsDna of 33 (equivocal on the labs range), low Vit D (now normal over the last couple of months), anemia, photosensitive rash, mouth ulcers, hair loss, dry eyes, joint pain in the knees (now carpel tunnel, finger joints, and elbows), extreme fatigue. Thyroid levels are within normal limits currently. I had an appointment with a Rheum back in October. She was convinced that I did not have an AI condition other than the thyroid and was quick to dismiss my symptoms. With the thyroid levels under control I feel like some of the symptoms should be dissipating but they have not. The joint pain continues as well as fatigue, dry eyes, hair loss, now feeling like I may be hypoglycemic, and extreme muscle weakness in the upper arms and thighs. I am not looking for a diagnosis here but rather some support and insight into some of your experiences. I am feeling lost and miserable. I do not want to go back to this Rheum, she would not answer my questions and was quick to exit the room. I am wondering if it's time to see my GP and perhaps another Rheum.

Hope everyone is well!