I am scheduled for an "emergency" micro lamenectomy & disectomy (sp), I had a previous more complex surgery 4 years ago on the same level-but it was a much different procedure & my lupus was not in high gear as it is now. My neurosurgeon expressed concern about my healing process due to the current status of my sle-he is speaking with my primary who I see tomorrow for clearance about stopping my plaquenil (which doesn't make much sense to me) and the effects the methotrexate could have (they had me stop this med a little while ago, but said it would remain built up in my system for a few months). They're also talking about starting iv antibiotic before surgery and following because I'm at greater risk of infection.

I know a few others here have had back issues-since I have no real experience with either of these situations I was hoping maybe others here can give me some insight or tips to promote healing during recovery?