I am posting on behalf of my 75 year old husband who has been diagnosed with Lupus last May/June. He has been put on various steroid creams plus hydrochloroquine 200mg - increrased to 400mg 2 weeks ago. He still has terrible sores on his legs and I worry dreadfully about the risk of them becoming infected. We are trying to get a referral to a rheumatologist - he has been seeing a dermatologist. I do believe Lupus can affect the liver and kidneys but his test so far have been normal. He does have other conditions too such as acid reflux, gout, high blood pressure/at irritable bladder/bladder infections. One of the worst things right now is the cough - it actually sounds as if he is choking and this keeps us awake although he sleeps downstairs. Doctor says that it is probably acid Reflux and has just doubled the pills. Has anyone any experience of Lupus affecting the lungs?
thanks for reading - feel as if I am going round in circles trying to get any sense out of the medical profession here in the UK. I do try to keep on top of his appointments as he is very forgetful at times and I do try to take charge of the tablets - 10 in the morning and 6 in the evening. He also had an acute on chronic subdural hematoma back in July and that too could be contributing to the forgetfulness as could the lack of sleep. He tends to go to bed when I get up at 6am then get up at 10am and he then goes to sleep between 5pm and 8pm for an hour or two. I go to bed at 9pm because he is wide awake and he watches tv until he gets tired and goes to sleep with the headphones on! He is due a test to progress the hearing aid next week.