Hello all.

When I introduced myself, I expressed concerns about the cognitive issues I've been experiencing. This is also the focus of my first questions here.

So...as I mentioned, in addition to fatigue and the standard aches and pains, I've been having memory issues and confusion. Things like forgetting how to use a can-opener, for instance...frequently stopping people in the middle of a sentence or story to say, "what in the heck are you talking about?"...or driving along and forgetting where I'm going. And at work, being late for or even missing meetings on an almost daily basis...blanking out when asked a question, any type of question...being unable to do even basic problem-solving (an essential requirement of my job). These sorts of things.

And I have tremors. They're sporadic, but at times my hands go all haywire whenever I try to do anything, like take a drink of water or use a fork or even just point at something. They're all over the place. My hands have always been a little shaky when I drink caffeine, but *never* anything like this. I may be having some anxiety, sure, but nothing that would cause the shakes to this degree.

On Prednisone, the symptoms are lessened but don't disappear entirely...and come back whenever the doe is lowered.

According to my neurologist, my MRI is good, EEG is fine, bloodwork doesn't show anything too out of the ordinary. I just did a battery of cognitive tests with a neuropsychologist, also--results still pending.

But when my rheumatologist told me we're switching to Imuran, she spoke of Central Nervous System lupus. This set me back a little.

So, my question is...well, just because you have neuro-type symptoms, it doesn't necessarily mean that that you have CNS lupus, correct? I mean, is it possible to experience all of these things with NON-CNS lupus? What is the actual definition of CNS lupus, and how is it distinguished from the non-CNS varieties? Is the diagnosis based on test results, or can it be diagnoses from a collection of symptoms? And more to the point...this will get better, right? Given my neuro tests, there's most likely no permanent damage being done?

(Okay, sorry, that's a lot more than one question, isn't it?)

Honestly, I'm so paranoid about this that every little thing seems like it could be related (for example, these stupid little eyeball twitches that I've had before and probably have nothing to do with anything). Every time I forget something or lose something, it's magnified by about 100x.

I haven't found much in the way of answers online. If anybody has any info or experiences they could share, I'd SO appreciate the input....