Hello, I name is Debbi, I first of all would like to say what a WONDERFUL site this is....so filled with information. I am hoping that many of you will have answers for me, my mother is 70 years old, she has had systemic and discoid lupus for many years, and on so many different medications, including cellcept for along time. My question is, she has protein in her urine now, and I know that is a sign of kidney failure, I am very concerned, she has many health issues, she went into hospital for clearance for a back surgery last year in October, they found a tear in her heart valve, did open heart surgery to repair it, the day after surgery she went on life support, for three months, long story cut short, she has many health factors that are high risk for anything to go wrong with her. At this time, she is unable to walk due to not having back surgery, so she is very weak. As you can tell from my rambling that I am scared for her and just looking for support from one of you. Maybe my question is, does this mean that she is going into kidney failure and will need dialysis, she is seeing her kidney doctor, but they have not said anything yet, sorry for the long going rambling message
God Bless you may we all stay strong