Ok folks I'm kind of freaking out a little bit, as most of you know I'm on coumadine. Last Saturday and Sunday I had blood in my urine I didn't go to the ER, however I did see a Urologist yesterday who told me very "non-nonchalant" that bleeding like that is NOT normal, DUH and she has to test for CANCER....and today I wake up with the white of my eye red covered in blood.

Normally I don't think I would worry but this is probably like the 5th time my eye bleeds like this. I'm tired of calling Dr.s and ER visits. Do any of you get this in the eye, so often. I know I shouldn't worry if it's once or twice, but I read that if its happening more often I should be concerned.

My pressure is sea-sawing up and down, like crazy too....I rather come and ask here about these things, as most of you here are more informed than most doctors anyway although I know I wouldn't substitute you guys for doctors.