Finally after years of suffering, I am going to start allergy shots. The allergist says I have allergies to cats, dogs, dust mites, household dust, etc. I adore cats, but he told me not to get one. At least, not now. That's o.k. for now, since my landlord won't allow me to have pets. But in the future I can see myself with one again. I miss my Moon. He was the most beautiful black cat in the whole world. He was half Persian and smart as a whip. It was sad when he passed, I woke up in the morning and he hissed at me. He didn't recognize me and he had never hissed at me in his entire life. He went away and I never saw him again. I know he went away to die. We were living in a forested area in Oregon. At least he died in a lovely place. Thanks for listening. I just had to tell this to you guys. I know you would understand how I felt, especially you cat lovers.