Hi all,

i havent been on here in a while but i got a call from my Rhumi just over a week ago and she told me that my lupus indicators (which i still dont quite have a grip on what that actually means but to get a phone call at 7:30pm on a Friday night that time of night makes me think its pretty damn serious) have increased from 60 to 90.

We have been discussing about going onto methotrexate since May last year, however we are waiting on my husband to (how to put this delicately) 'have the snip' as no other form of contraceptive will work and she is very clear that we can not fall pregnant while on it. This is fine for us, we both dont want anymore children, however, the problem is that no one will do it for him as he is 29. We have one child and he has stored specimens in case 'something' happens in the future but we are still having difficulty in getting anyone to perform the procedure (we have private health too).

Now, due to the lupus indictors increasing we dont have the luxury of time to wait and see if we can try and find someone to perform the procedure, she has suggested that i start Imuran ASAP. I just want to know what others who have been on one or both medications would recommend, stay on Imuran and not have to feel like im dragging my very supportive husband into my medical problems or keep pursuing the procedure and get on the methotrexate as soon as i can. Im worried about the risk of lymphoma associated with the Imuran, although my Rhumi said that short term use should be fine.

I just feel helpless and guilty (about putting pressure on my husband to follow it up constantly) on top of feeling sore and tired and just want to come off all medication and let my body do whatever it wants but i know that is not the answer ..... what would you do?