Hello Everyone,

I have had lupus since 2009 and I will be going to my 5th rheumatolgist in April. My first rheumatolgist (Dr. S) was the one who diagnosed me and I saw her for almost two years. But I stopped seeing her for a few reason. The year of 2010 of a very rough one for me. I had a lot of stomach issues and my PCP couldn't figure it out. I saw just about every specialist you could think of so I decided to see Dr. S and hopefully she would have answers. By September I was on short term disability (I could not eat anything without throwing up or have horrible pains in my stomach) and had to have my doctor write notes to my works disability firm stating what was wrong with my and her recommendations and how much longer I would be unable to work. Well when I when to see her she didn't see anything that was really wrong. (I had an upper GI that basically showed that my stomach was inflamed but this was the only test that ever showed anything. My GI doctor did write a note saying he did not want me to return until I could keep food down for at least a week) Well Dr. S wrote a note telling them since she could find anything "really" wrong with me there was nothing wrong. And I didn't know this is what she wrote. a few days after I saw her I get a call from my boss saying I have to return to work the next or risk losing my job. So I called the disability people and they explained that they denied any further disability due to what Dr. S said. I called her to ask her why she would say this and basically she said she had no proof I was having these stomach issues. I was so mad. I didn't know what else to do so I went to work the next but I was so weak because I couldn't eat my dad had to drive me and bacically it was the longest 8 hours of my life. Luckily I had a great GI doctor and he got them to re-approve my disability but I still had to work for 2 and half days before I got the approval. So basically I stopped seeing Dr. S because I felt what she did was wrong.

Then my 2nd Rheumatolgist Dr. H, he was actually a good doctor but he was almost an hour away. It was getting to hard to go see him.

My 3rd Dr. D. She was okay up until I asked for pain medication. I was taking the max dose of Tylenol almost each day because the pain was so bad. And because I have Lupus Nephritis I can't take ibprohen. She told me she didn't do pain management and I needed to go to a pain clinic. (Which I did but that is another time.) So I stopped seeing her. And also her appts. usually only last 5 min and she would never answer any of my questions.

My 4th Dr. R. He was just weird. I know that is not a real reason but I was never comfortable with him. So a few weeks ago I made the choice to fine a new Doctor.

I will see the new doctor in April. So I am hoping this is a better match.

Sorry for the long winded story but I do have a a question. Am I wrong for changing doctor's this many times? My dad tells me all the time I need to find a doctor I believe is a good match, even if it takes me 20 tries. I know this my seem stupid but for some reason this has been weighing on my mind.