Info on me. I had a baby a year ago and started back on plaquenil. Started having severe muscle pain in shoulders, arms and thighs. It seemed to be related to when I took the plaquenil so my rheumy took me off of it and I have been on nothing but prednisone for the last 9 months. I had viral meningitis in November and it took me a month to recover, I was very ill.
So for the last week I have had a reoccurrence of symptoms like neck pain, stiffness, numbness and tingling in neck. Today the stiffness was really bad I was scared it was going to worse fast but it didn't. So I looked in my handy dandy Lupus Book ( by Daniel Wallace) and read that ibuprofen can give lupus patients aseptic meningitis! I take ibuprofen about 5 days a week for muscle pain. OH MY...... I wonder if that's what is going on....... When I had meningitis in November I had 4 different docs confirm it was viral ( from the spinal tap) and my rheumy said it was not from the lupus because my sed rate was not very high and it would be of it was from the lupus. I plan to go see my doc on Monday but she doesn't know much about lupus. HAS anyone had this happen or heard of it before? ????My rheumy doesn't seem very knowledgable about lupus just increases the prednisone when I tell her what's going. I feel discouraged about getting this disease under control.