Hi My name is Tiffiny
I Was diagnosed with lupus in 2012. I joined this site to find support from people who are fighting this terrible disease. I started having symptoms in 2009 and was diagnosed with IBS. My issues got worse during my third pregnancy. I was extremely fatigued and would have dizzy spells. It got to the point where I couldn't doing activity more than a few minutes. After I. Delivered my son MY issues did not get better. I had my thyroid checked and all was normal. I started having heart palpitations so I went to a cardiologist and all was normal. I began to get the small red bulls that formed into weeping blisters and every time I went to the doc they would give me antibiotics but the blisters would come back. FINALLY I encouraged my doctor to test me for lupus and that's when I got my diagnosis. I've also experienced severe headaches joint pain. It's like everyday its something different. I have three small children so I'm as active as I can be. ITS a struggle. Now I'm feel like I'm sinking into depression although I have a great support system. I JUST WANT TO BE HEALTHY!