Hello I am new here. I was diagnosed with lupus about 3 months ago. I am 32 yrs old.2008 I noticed that my elbow would hurt when I would remove my shirt. Late 2008 side of my face started to feel tingling and sort of numb.2009 I started to have chest pain. 2010 I was at the mall when I started having chest pain and few hrs noticed I couldn't really swallow and couldn't breath so husband dial 911 and was told by dr that I was having a panic attack. I really didn't buy it because dr kept asking me if I was stressed or going through something I was like no I just wanted to go shopping but still told me I had a panic attack. That my oxygen level was fine. So prescribed me with pills. When I went back home I went to see my dr and was prescribed with another pill. When I started taking the pills that the dr would prescribe me that's when everything started. I was so depressed and wouldn't eat and couldn't sleep and didn't want to go outside. I just wanted to stay inside my room. Started loosing a lot of weight. I was really going insane. I went to go see my dr to let her know that the medication wasn't helping me at all it was just making me get worse. So she prescribe me with a medication that would basically knock me out day.so I just decided to stop taking meds. I decided to go to church and get my mind busy with the word of god and believe it or not it helped me out with my depression. The funny part is that I believe the depression started when I started taking medication for my so called panic attacks.but anyways in 2011 I started having back aches and with time my body would get so sore that I wouldn't be able to walk we'll and do chores around the house. I would have fever probably every two wks with muscle pain. I would also have bad headaches and chest pains. In late 2011 I noticed my hair would start too fall out a lot and my hands would turn white or blue. I went to see a dr and was giving muscle relaxer. I decided to go see another dr. The dr did some blood work for lupus. Results came back negative. So I was truly going insane! I was in so much pain with fever.late 2012 I went to see another dr and told her I was in so much pain . Told her I had hard time walking sometimes and hard time sitting down. She did blood work and came back positive for arthritis. We'll around that time I moved so I went to see another dr an told her I was positive for arthritis . I had my previous dr fax over blood results . The funny part is that from getting positive results in late 2012 until I went to see my new dr I stopped having fever and bad body aches without taking any prescribed meds but still loosing hair and white/blue fingers. And pain here In there but was able to manage the pain.it took about 3 months wen I went to see my new dr. We'll i went to see a specialist for arthritis about 3 months ago and did blood work and came back positive for lupus.when I was told I had lupus I was confused because few it's ago when I was In so much pain with fever that I would even cry because of the pain the blood work for lupus came back negative and now that I don't get that bad it comes back positive. I noticed that many people with lupus are sensitive to the sun and get ulcers. I dont have or get any of those. My hands turn blue or white,muscle pain here and there, lost of hair,dry mouth,brain fog,get a slight of sunburn easily. I do have excessive gas that I have trouble breathing sometimes don't know if it could be because irritable bowl syndrome and get eye pain and headaches. Sorry for writing a long story I just want to share what I've been through and why I'm confused and I've been having a bad wk. I had to go to er because my right eye was in so much pain and was nauseated. Nxt day I start having excessive gas that had a hard time sleeping and the nxt day was still dealing with my gas issue . That night I couldn't sleep because again I felt
Like I could breath because of the gas . Was feeling pressure and my stomach was rumbling so much that i started going to panic mode and now my left eye started to hurt a little :/ and now I'm here stil dealing with my gas and feeling depressed! Because I just get something new every day! It's either gas, headache, neck pain, eye pain, Chest pain! I read on a post that people
With lupus go through depression so they should consider seeing a therapist. Do any of you go see
One? Again sorry for my long story. Just wanted to air out.As of now I feel like I'm alone in this. My family doesn't know I was diagnosed with lupus.y husband is the only
One that know. I decided not to say anything to my kids or fam member because first thing they are going to think its death. Right now I'm still wanting to learn a lot about lupus and keep my self
Positive and be prepared for when I tell my family. If you read it this far I thank you so much for your time