I am Lisa. I visited this forum for a while several months back, when my PCP told me he felt I had Lupus, but at that time it was still undiagnosed as my ANA and my Antibodies blood panels were coming back negative.

After 3 Neurologists, a Heart Specialist, and Eye specialist and 2 Rheumotologists........my most recent Rheumy did the blood panels and everything came back positive as far as Lupus. She has also diagnosed me with Sjograns syndrome (not sure I am spelling that correctly) and Raynaud's Syndrome. She also found there is something going on in my Lower Lumber, which may be contributing to my leg issues. I am Scheduled for further testing for that.

She has started me on a medicine called Rayos for my inflammation and rash on face and also Plaquenil for the Lupus symptoms.

Has anyone else ever experienced negative blood work for almost a year and then suddenly its all positive?
Is anyone else on Plaquenil? Did it help?
Its making me very sick to my stomach, but its only my 3rd day on it, so I am hanging in there.

Thank You all.