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    Default I cannot shower alone

    I now cannot ever shower alone. My days of peaceful solitude with warm running water are over. And it all started with a simple trip to the restroom...

    As many of you know, I'm in the long haul process of raising and training my own service dog. So Karma has been escorting me to the restroom (oh the looks I get from him!). No problem, he follows me, checks out the room then sits by my feet staring at me.

    Last week I told my husband I was going to take a shower. Karma starts following me. I ask hubby to call Karma who at that point was practically glued to me. He calls. Karma ignores. Hubby suggests that perhaps Karma senses he'll be needed. Ok fine. It would be good to have him near and used to it in the event I shower while hubby is out and something goes wrong ( I am a world class klutz afterall....). So off we go. I turn on shower. Karma looks at shower, looks at me and starts to back off (he's been in there before after an unfortunate incident involving bad timing). I get in shower and shut door. It is a stall shower meaning less room than a phone booth. I hear whining. I tell Karma I'm ok. He still cries. I open shower, tell him I'm fine and shut the door. MORE crying. I open shower door again. I now have a 70 pound lab puppy 1/2 way in the shower with me. Again, VERY SMALL SHOWER- very BIG puppy. Well now he just thinks this is the coolest thing! Neatest water fountain! How nice of me to turn on the big water fountain for him! (he obviously forgot all about the shower incident). He's having a blast! I can now NEVER shower without him. I dread using the garden tub. I know darn well he'll climb in with me. So much for future leisurely bubble baths!

    Karma: the good, the never bad, the big black lab!
    "I'm going to get healthy or die trying"

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