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Thread: New to site, old friend of lupus

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    Default New to site, old friend of lupus

    Well this is exciting. It's taken me a while to gather up the guts to get on and try and meet new lupus friends and hear people's stories bout lupus.
    I have had lupus for 4 years now and from what I understand I don't have it is bad as a lot of people.
    I have had a 1 flare up since 2010
    And just got out of hospital with my second flare.
    I lost myself for a while last year trying to deal with a 20 kilo weight gain.
    And I started drinking more alcohol than usual to try and cope.
    I feel like I finally pulled myself out of this all time life low and getting back to my normal self.
    I tell you it's a never ending emotional process yeah?
    I think I'm struggling more with the fact that I feel like I will never get there with having kids cause I'm always having a flare up. it's depressing cause I just can't see that light at the end of the tunnel! But I'm still digging!
    Anyways I'm looking forward to this forum journey and getting to know and understand other people with this lupus.

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    hi and welcome.
    different people have different symptoms, .......
    so you may / may not have an issue with children.

    on this site we have had a few ladies with healthy births.
    unfortunately we also have seen some miscarriages.
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    Hello Lupie_Cat;
    First, let me welcome you to our family. There are many here who have been where you are or who, like you, are currently in a low point of their lives due to this disease. Unfortunately, the nature of the disease is fraught with relapse and remission. The best that we can do for ourselves is to make the appropriate lifestyle changes in an effort to minimize the relapse or, at least, make them a bit less devastating. Dealing with this aspect of the disease becomes our "new normal" and we have to find ways to help us lead a life as close to normal as we can get.
    I know how difficult this must be when it seems endless and, at times, hopeless. But, one thing you must NEVER do, that is 'give up hope'. We are here to help you in your quest to remain hopeful, to learn how to manage your disease, to learn as much about the disease and how it affects your personally. You will find that this site is filled with people who are genuinely caring, supportive, understanding, and informative. Please stick around and allow us to help you as much as we can. Again...welcome to our family!

    Peace and Blessings
    Look For The Good and Praise It!

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