Hello, I'm xocharise. I've been experiencing strange symptoms for over a year and no doctors have helped me so I've been doing my own research and Lupus keeps coming up. I went to my first rheumy appointment on Friday finally. She was not helpful either. She said it looks like Lupus, but your ANA was negative so just wait a while and come back if the symptoms still persist. I asked her to please re-do the ANA test because it just doesn't make sense to me. I'm 18, have joint pain, chest pain, swallowing problems, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, fevers, rashes, brain fog, mouth sores, depression, no appetite, stomach problems, you name it ive got it. But because that stupid test was negative when they did it 2 months ago, she told me to wait a little longer. Sorry but 14 months is long enough. I have a full time job and a one year old daughter and feeling this way with no answers and no one taking me seriously is driving me insane! I stumbled across this website and you all seem very helpful and I am definitely in need of help. It seems the more I try to stand up for myself the more the doctors say "it's probably all in your head". I know it's not in my head. I'm not sure that its lupus but it must be something very similar. Please tell me, was your ANA ever negative? Were there other tests that came up positive? I am anemic (or was) then I took iron for months and now they say I'm not anemic but my red blood cells are still small and my white cell count is low. Along with some other things. C reactive protein was high, sed rate has been steadily increasing from 4, 9, 12, most recently 19 and 20 is considered high. Yet all they will look at is the ANA. How do you handle doctors who don't listen? I've seen 4 doctors, 3 specialist, 2 ER visits. Nothing. Any information or support would be helpful. Thank you!!!