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    Question Zombie leg

    It's been awhile since I've posted-so much has happened health wise in the last year or so, I just haven't had the mental fortitude to make it back.

    But to make a long story short: since I'd jacked up my left knee (last time I was here-I'm posting here because this is all connected to my sle/RA etc) I've gone & broke my hip-me & ice really don't get along! Lol

    It'd happened just before Christmas, and like a dumb dumb I never followed up with my primary despite the obvious pain. Since I've waited so long, it's gone into avascular necrosis-I have an MRI scheduled next week to access the full extent before heading in for surgery.

    Anyways...for the past few weeks I'd noticed something odd, with the leg on the side of the fracture (beside the obvious lol). I've poured over the land of google & I've come up absolutely empty handed--I figured when in doubt, ask here!
    My leg-from my toes up into my hip feels as if the elasticity has all but "dried" up. Having ckd, the closest thing it reminds me of-is when I become really dehydrated and the rebound of my skin doesn't exist. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that's exactly what it is! But I don't believe a singular appendage can become dehydrated lol and it's not just the feel of my leg, it's the coloring-most times it becomes a bizarre variety of white. My husband hates it-he refuses to even sleep on the same side as my leg because it quote on quote "freaks him out". He says it feels like a "zombie leg" and I have to admit it kinda does. I'm not really sure what to make of it-I have no unusual tingling or numbness in it. I've been adamant about increasing blood flow (like taking warm baths frequently etc)-the first thing that comes to mind with the strange coloring. I'm still able to feel and move my toes, without much discomfort. When I follow up next week with my orthopedic-I plan on asking about it (or rather my husband has stated he will-it really bothers him that much lol).

    But I was wondering if anyone here has experienced anything minutely similar?
    I will add that it's not like "dry" skin, it is as though my leg feels false or plastic like-and covered with loose silicone (weird I know). I've also noticed my raynauds has kicked up far worse than its ever been this winter-but I think that's mainly attributed to such long bouts of record breaking cold weather.

    Any advice or experiences are welcomed and appreciated!
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