I saw the rheumatologist for our 2nd meeting.My vitals where taken and it was noted high blood pressure, high pulse and a lowgrade fever of 98.9 F.I had a bit of a head ache and viable (although a bit hidden my make up) red rose rash where on my cheeks of a flair up. I told him about the musal aches, the swelling, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

He said hrmm, and looked at my testing results another doctor sent out. He said a lot of my testings came back relatively normal. They did a CT of my head and adrenal glands. They found that the adrenal glands where swollen, I had high levels of Eosinophilia, a Platelet dysfunction, and Positive ANA (antinuclear antibody) and these results

Positive for Nuclear Antibody. (it says this should be negative)

Nuclear Antibody Titer: 1:640
NAB Pattern: Homogeneous

Then this one

Dhea-Sulfate: Standard Range 35-430 ug/dL -Your (my) Value 720

So we spoke about these results and he said "well I don't know if it's lupus and not really seeing signs of lupus but I want to put you on Plaquenil this should help with the swelling and face rash/ redness you have. But I'm not diagnosis you with lupus.. we'll see you in 90 days how your doing"
someone please explain this to me?

So I'm taking a medication for lupus when he says he doesn't think it is it.. but I'm having a whole host of issues (fatigue, anxiety vomiting blood, having lots of blood come out of my anal, head aches dizzyness) not being abvle to do work or school for over 8 months and overall in pain being told no reason why I'm really feeling this way. I really wish I would feel better and know whats wrong.. something is really wrong now, though.. I know my own body