So I went to see my rheumy today and my blood pressure was 140 over 102, usually my its low except when i flare. ive been waking up with migraines often and I've been really hot one moment where i start to sweat and cold the next. I had checked my pressure a few days ago I didnt pay it much mind because ive been under an extreme amount of stress lately.

Now my dr. Prescribed high BP meds and she wants me to check it everyday and email the results every two days to her so she can monitor. She scared me because she said my heart is working extra hard pumping blood and I could end up having a stroke : (

She also said she could not let me go home with that kind of pressure it wouldn't be right. i was also prescribed a medrol pack because of all the issues i'm having with brain fog. Uuggghhh I the the stuff and super scared of it because it already caused me to develop the a vascular necrosis.

Any of you with HBP that comes on suddenly?