Hello! Thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge with me! Over a period of two months, I had two blood tests come back ANA positive. My neurologist (whom I'm seeing for chronic migraines) says they were positive for ANA but didn't show a specific disease. She referred me to a Rhumey and she ordered blood and urine tests. I though most of it looked normal but I'm getting different normal ranges than what is listed. My ANA Specify says the normal ranges for all that follows are 0-99 u/mL:

My results were:

SSA : 9
SSB: 5
Smith: 10
RNP: 11
SCL-70: 4
JO-1: 8
Double Stranded DNA: 0
Centromere: 5
Histone: 8

According to the standard range of 0-99, there is nothing out of range here, right?