I have been battling an AI disease for 15 years. I have seen more doctors than I care to put a number on. I was finally diagnosed 2 years ago. There are so many things going on with my health that it would take up this entire forum to list. I have recently had one issue arise that truly caused enough concern to take me to the ER.

Christmas Eve morning around 6:30 am I awoke to a bubbling feeling in my throat. I got up and went to try and cough it out. Blood(fresh and clots)pouring out. I went to the ER. After an EGD(all clear) a bronchoscope was done where they found lots of clots inside my lungs. Took biopsies. No cancer. But the lining(3/4 of each lobe)of each lung was major red with inflammation. All they can tell me us that it was part of the lupus.

Has anyone else experienced this?