Hi all, I will c/p a part of my writing on introducing, so you can know better my condition..

My diagnose is: Lupus erythematodes discoides

My first visible symptoms were in June 2012. I was playing beach volleyball (not the first time), for 6 hours (tournament, I didn't play all the time). From 9 AM till 3 PM, when the sun was pretty strong.
That day it was all normal. I have a picture, and there were no trace of rash.
Next day, a little red dot came on my face, and as the days come my face was red. I had butterfly rash. First I tough It was because I've used my friends goggles+ the sand+ the sun.. But as the time gone by, it didn't go away. In July 2012 I've had temperature (it isn't officialy connected with Lupus but it was the first time it happened) and weakness in the body and my lymph glands on my armpits and under my right ear. After few days when temperature didn't come down (39,5 degrees), I went to hospital where they tested me for cat disases (I have cats), meningitis... It was all clean. They said I had chronic inflammation of the lymph glands, they gave me antibiotics and I was fine after few days. The only thing it didn't go away is my swollen lymph gland beneath left armpit, and at least 9-10 month anual lymph directly below the ear is swollen.

Because the rash didn't go away, I visited dermatologist in August 2012. I've done mycological test and it was NEGATIVE. And ANA (it was negative) and dsDNA (<2,6 l U/ mL). There were no signs. Becaus the results of the test came after one month, when I came to dermatologist the second time, my rash has withdrew (it was in September, after 3 months). She said that we can't do biopsy now because my face is clean, but if it happens again, that I should come again.

I have unexplained headaches for 4 years. They didn't found out what is the reason (don't know is it connected to L).

This year (I mean 2013), I was at the sea in March. The sun wasn't so strong, so I sunbathed for a half an hour.
Next day, I saw a little red dot on my face and I knew it is starting again. I was angry and sad. I didn't knew what is happening to me. As the days went by, red "thing" on my face was growing..
I hoped it will go away so I didn't went dermatologist. In August I went to vacation and it was horrible. I have sun allergy for 10 years, but on few places on my body, it wasn't never so bad.
This year my face was red, it spread to my eyelid, shoulder, back, decolletage. I was so sensitive to sun...
It wasn't a vacation of my dream. I looked ugly, red, but when I came home I hopped that it will soon go away. It was nearly September, it must go away..

In August 30, I was looking the same. It wasn't so horrible, but my butterfly rash was still there and I went to the dermatologist in the hospital just for skin problems.
They took a part of my face skin and made a biopsy. It was Lupus..

They suggested me that I come to hospital so they can examine me because 5-10% of skin lupus can passed to Systemic.
I've been there for 2 and a half weeks, the results were ok, tough they found blood in my urine. I have traces of blood for a long time. I know that.
C3- 0,65 g/L (0.83-1.77 g/L), C4 - 0,15 g/L (0.29-0.68 g/L) that was low.
ANA test was again negative. dsDNA test wasn't made.

They didn't found nothing which would indicate to Systemic Lupus so they wrote that I have this tests for once a year, and tomorrow I have check up.
I used corticosteroid cream when I was in hospital on my face and chest. It was ok, my butterfly rash withdrew, and a rash on my chest was 95% fine.

Now after 2 month, I can say I am mad. Not at the doctors, but... I don't know.. Rash on my chest is here again, itchy, not all the time. And on my face there are little red dots. On my right cheek, and on left side of my forehead and a little on scalp. I never had this kind of rash, so I don't know what is happening. Does anyone had this kind of rash?
And lymph node at the right side of ear is again here..

Tomorrow I'll ask my doc what is that, but I'm so sad.. I hoped that the sun will be my only enemy, but now... It's winter and I look...

So this is a part of my story, it's only a beginning..
Today I've been to my doc, and she said that a rash on my face and decolletage is dear young/old Lupus. I've done mycological test again to make sure there aren't fungus.
I will start with therapy, Resichin (I presume that tablets called different in America, it's antimalarial tablets). First 10 days, twice a day, and later one a day. I'll drink them till October, when the sun is weaker.
I have to run OCT test, it is ophthalmological test, where can I control that my eyesight is not worse from taking the medicine. And taking control regularly.

For my rash I've been given corticosteroids again, here it is called Beloderm cream. I have to use it twice a day for 2 weeks.

I have a question for all of you who have rash.
Does it appears regardless of the sun? What do you use on your skin? I've read that aloe vera is good for our skin. My doc said, that when skin is inflamed, you can only treat it with corticosteroids cream, and then later you can put something other.
Please help me, I'm afraid that next year I'll be worse..