So I think I had mentioned that I was seeing a neurologist two months ago for an eight hour long test to see if Lupus was attacking my brain as I am forgetting so many things including how to write!
I got my results yesterday and this is some of it, "the patient's cognitive deficits are of sufficient severity to warrant a diagnosis of Neurocognative Disorder, it goes on to say These findings are of sufficient severity that they would interfere with her vocational functioning; thus the current data support disability financial support so that she can adequately address contributory factors. Its states its that the current neurocognitive profile reflects frontal system dysfuntion and relative weakness on tasks mediated by the right hemishphere.

UGH, thoughts?
What I got out of it, is that yes lupus seems to be going after my brain, yeah me! I would like to hear from anyone on your thoughts but especially with those of you that have CNS (?) involvment. I'm floored and kind of numbed right now.