Hi there,

My name is Felicia and I was diagnosed with lupus nearly 4 years ago. Since then I have been on all the medication that's prescribed for a lupus patient , including methotrexate which did not work for me so my specialist decided to start me on a more aggressive type of chemo which was not taken orally but had to be given via veins which meant i had to go into hospital for the treatment every 3 weeks and yes I lost my hair during that time. It was probably the worst 8 months of my life and i took a lot of strain on my body but it has worked and I have been in remission for 5 whole months now which is fantastic, as last year I was in hospital every month with a flare up and have been hospital free for 5 months now. Yes i still get the odd little flare up but it has not been bad enough for me to go be admitted into hospital.

I really hope to learn a lot from other people in joining this website and there stories.

Thanks and be safe