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    Thanks guys. I think it is funny how it has all turned out. Do you remember when I first joined in 2011 and I had mild symptoms to what I have now and the first specialist didnt believe me, the second one half heartedly did but stuck with me, then the symptoms grew in severity and as new things cropped up, I photographed them and now have a diagnosis of UCTD (pushing towards Lupus) - confirmed by doctor through photos and eye specialist from eye tests.

    It seems to be getting more aggressive and now I have bad lung involvement and my kidneys are starting to play up. It goes to show that you MUST stick with pushing for an expert opinion and never give up.

    One thing I dont understand, is how by the first lot of bloods, the consultant is able to say he doesnt think its drug related? He also said 'whatever happens, keep taking the cellcept and the preds' He knows I cant go above 5mgs of preds but says I have to stay on that at the least.

    I just have to wait until Wed now to get my results, I know there is something wrong with the kidneys though, I feel all 'wrong' and out of sorts and in the morning I feel sick and dizzy and my hands feel funny.

    Anyone else get symptoms with their kidneys and if so, what do you get?

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