I had a phone call the other day in the evening, from my GP telling me that my kidney function has reduced (significantly for my age) so I have to have more tests done. I am at the hospital next week so shall have them done there by my Rheumy.

I asked if I should stop the Cellcept and my GP said no, to NOT stop them. In hindsight I knew something was wrong, I have felt crook all over christmas, feeling exhausted - so tired I could barely lift my arms, feeling sick and dizzy every morning and urinating more frequently.

I am just wondering if it could be the Cellcept or what could be causing this? (I have UCTD). How can my kidneys just start to decrease in their function like that? I am hoping its the meds and if it is, can it be reversed by stopping them?

All I know is that I feel pretty crap, have lost weight, feel tired/sick and if its not the meds, then its a huge concern as I cant go over 5mgs in steroids (badly react to them).

And I thought if it was lupus related kidney issues then you gain weight not lose it?

Sorry for all the questions.

Steve - I might give you a call today if that is OK?