I am a new member, my name is Becky but use the Screen name Buckaroo.

I have no diagnosis yet, if ever. Been dealing with symptoms for 7 years.
Positive ANA with low titers. Nucleor and one other, Homogenous, I think. Painful achy joints and muscles but especially my hands. Have had surgery on rt middle finger some years back, now I have trigger thumb on the lt. I do work with my hands.

I do have a good Rheumy, I really like him, but we are in this wait and see mode. I take Etodalac for the aches and pains. Have had numerous rashes in the past, dx as Rosacea. I even have it in my eyelids, they stay inflamed. Constant rash on my neck and chest which turns very red when I go in the sun. I did have a strange rash on my arms when all this first started, did leave some scars. Unbelievable fatique at times, and sometimes dizziness. Migraines, oh my that's ENOUGH!

I do have a good G.P. she believes that all this is related to an A.I. Just no diagnosos.

I have looked at this site numerous times in the past couple of years and finally decided to join

Hello all!