Hi peeps.

I started cellcept nearly 3 weeks ago, so I am on 3/4 of my target dose.
I'm just exhausted and I feel queasy...sometimes not too bad, but sometimes I feel really sick. I am just so shattered.
My dr put me on it because my quality of life wasn't really at a level I could emotionally cope with any more. I have very high hopes of this working...after 23 years of being ill I'm surprised to find I have any hope left! But I'm a chirpy kinda person, so what can I lose with a bit of hope?!
It's difficult to gauge how much the side effects are causing and how much is my lupus/post Christmas exhaustion!
Does anyone have any experience of how long the side effects last and when I might start to be my amazing-new-energy-full me?!
I'm going to be up to my target dose of 1000mg twice a day Friday. Should I expect to feel a lot more poorly for a while?

It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are too tired to open your eyes!