My question is: It appears I get similar relief regarding joint pain from the Medrol as I do from hydrocodone. I get negative side effects from the Medrol, and none from hydrocodone. Which is the better choice in treating my joint pain/inflamation from Lupus? (it seems as though the hydrocodone would be the easy choice since I am not experiencing any side effects, but perhaps there are long term side effects I'm not feeling, or different ways the medicine is helping/hurting I'm not aware of?)

I have been on varying doses of medrol since July from 12mg - 24mg daily. I didn't think I was getting enough relief from the medrol to put up with the side effects, mood swings, extra exaggerated emotions during my period, moon face, growing hair on my face (mustache and side burns). I asked my doctor to if I could stop them since they weren't making my joint pain and inflamation go away. Finally he agreed (after we went to injections on top of pills).
At the same time I was told to stop MTX temporarily due to hair loss.

When I started the Medrol in July only my hands hurt. After stopping the medicines every joint hurts. I hadn't realized I had gotten this bad because the medicines were doing something. I have loss of function and certainly pain in ankles, knees, hips, hands, elbows, and the occasional shoulder. I can't believe it got this bad so fast, and I can't believe the medicines were working that well. So I'll be starting back a lower dose of MTX next week and I have both the hydrocodone and medrol perscriptions... I'm just not sure what the pros and cons are in deciding which medicine to use over the other? Help please...