Hi, new member in Illinois (44y/o). I have had Lupus for years!! I haven't been treated for at least 3 years (I felt pretty good) but I've been noticing a change. Actually, the past year has been pretty rough from physical pain to depression, anxiety and cognitive issues. I have an appointment 2/19. I recently had an appt with a Dr and asked him to do some general Lupus blood work since my rheumatologist appt isn't until February. I wasn't told the numbers, but was told the ANA was high (it's been high before) and PTTLNA was high. I don't know what PTTLNA is, what it measures or the significance of it being high is. Can someone with insight help me to understand? My rheumy has never been good at explaining.

My history:
Diagnosed with SLE by blood work & biopsies
Sleep apnea
Anxiety & anxiety attacks
Plantar faciatis
Urinary reflux
Spastic colon - IBS-C
Rectal prolapse (not "prolapsed" as of yet)
Carpal tunnel surgery
Gallbladder removal

Currently I experience pain & symptoms daily. The pain can be debilitating but the most concerning for me are the "fogs" and the cognitive issues. Those scare me. Advice, guidance and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.