Happy Holidays everyone! Wondering if I could seek a little advice on some very recent labs? I am a 44 year old that that was referred to a rheumatologist yesterday to take a look at my hands, I have 3 nodules that we wanted evaluate for RA. I am a registered nurse first assist in surgery, and I wanted to make sure that I didn't have RA sneaking up (I had a positive ANA when I was 27, which was though to be resulting from a 6 month episode of Epstein Barr virus) The rheumy felt that my hands were osteoarthritis, but that we should re-do my blood work since the last time it was done was in 2007. So thanks to My Heath with Essentia, I get to look at my labs all by myself today! Christmas Eve! Yay me...lol....Sed Rate was great, Hgb was best in years at 14 (female issues) But here is this ENA at 75, 0-25 being norm range, with a note that my bloodwork was being sent for further labs (meaning the host of other connective tissue disorders) Now, I have had some aching hips but other than that, I have felt great. Active, hiking, skiing, no rashes, no raynauds, hands tingle in the middle of the night but rheumy felt that was positional sleep. I am currently being treated for an upper resp infection with a strong antibiotic, but I am doubtful that could have affected test. I don't ever remember having this ENA done before, and I am admittedly freaking out a bit. My 22 year old son had an episode of juvenile psoriatic arthritis that resolved in about one month, and continues to have psoriasis. Mother had atypical RA, and I have never been sure of what that is. Can someone give me a little insight as to what this positive ENA means? I can find very little other than it is a basic stepping stone of a lab value, but is there always something conclusive on the other side? Is it a marker of something certain that is coming my why? If feeling relatively good for 44 years old, I am a bit frustrated. I was pretty upset when I had positive ANAs in my twenties, not knowing if I had something serious going on. Thanks so much in advance!