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    Default appetite suppressants

    i was recently prescribed an appetite suppressant. the idea was to go on a starvation diet, and loose some of the medically induced weight gain.

    i did not take this step lightly, i have been to a dietitian for over 12 months already.

    i am writing this because of drastic side effects to what i took.

    i used duromine, (phentermine).

    this is literally a prescription speed. the concept is to change your bodies metabolism. and thereby reduce the bodies appetite.

    anyone who is on any form of immune suppressant medication should talk to there doctor before trying this type of medication.
    the side effect is an interaction with our medications .......i had 2 trips to the "ER" is less than a week.
    it was only the second trip that the doctor put the dots together, and spoke to me about the side effects.

    it was thought that i was having a heart attack.
    i had all of the symptoms, and the pain.

    please consider all options to loose weight, but also talk to your doctor before trying them.
    speed and suppressant medications do not mix.
    speed and suppressant medications do not mix.
    speed and suppressant medications do not mix.
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