I have no control over my body temperature. My husband says I'm close relative to lizards (I'll go with geckos-they're cute!)


I am at the mercy of the environment I'm in at any given moment. My husband does a great job of regulating the temperature in our house. Work, however, is another story: I work with people who, for whatever reason are cold all the time ( I refer to them as human popsicles) so the furnace is on way to often and it becomes a sauna in the office. I have a fan at my desk that I have to run, just so I don't get overcome by the heat. They may be comfortable, but I'm overheating. My desk is in the reception area which is less than 5 feet from the door. The cold blasts of winter in the Rockies slams straight into my desk every time the door is open and it it is snowing? Guess who has to blow snow off paperwork? So the radical temperature changes reek havoc on me. I'm either overheating or chilled to the bone. Often several times a day. I can't get the boss to lower the thermostat to a reasonable level. Maybe I'm wrong, but 80 degrees fahrenheit is a bit much in my opinion. He also refuses to put up a barrier between my desk and the door so I'm not blasted by cold and snow.

I have the fan for when I'm overheating, and a sweater for when I'm freezing. Any other suggestions? Short of looking for another job in a temperature controlled environment?