I am just wondering what you fellow lupusans do for depression? I have been diagnosed with SLE, RS, migraines and restless legs for about 12 years and seem to be in a bad flare. I have a spider bite from June of 2005 and am on my second unna boot this month....darn thing won't heal....like everything else. Anyhow, I take my daily depression medication, along with the plaquenil and all the other goodies that come with this crummy disease, but I am still really in the dumps. I didn't get dressed all weekend. I hurt and I feel like I am on the brink of crying at any given moment. Does this sound familiar to anybody??? I feel worthless, I don't want to go to work tomorrow (but MUST) and know I won't be able to sleep again tonight. The pain doc gave me an RX for Requip but I can't afford to fill the darn thing. My house is a mess, I am out of groceries and toilet paper is running low...I don't want to have to try to pull myself together to go anywhere. Any suggestions? Sunshine101