My rheumy is increasing my Arava, hoping to get me out of the Prednisone cycle. I cannot be off at least a low dose of Prednisone for more than a couple of weeks without flaring. This latest flare has been a doozy. I cannot do any major physical activity without having to nap, lots of chest/rib and leg pain, and the mental confusion is the pits. She stated at my appointment this week that it may be time for a change because my liver enzymes are getting slightly out of whack. She is talking about Benlysta. Since the appointment on Tues. I have developed another sore inside my nose and chest pain that requires a muscle relaxer to be able to breathe deeply. (My word! This all sounds so much worse now that I see it in print!) I go back in January and am seriously thinking of telling her I would like to just try the Benlysta. I hate the thought of infusion drugs, but from what I've read, it doesn't suppress the entire immune system, a huge plus for me since I work in a germ-infested public school and feel like I am constantly in autoimmune warfare. I read the other Benlysta post from October and was really encouraged. Any comments/experiences with Arava or Benlysta would be appreciated. Thanks.